Checkout – BlueSnap Gateway


BlueSnap gateway for the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin.


Installation & Activation

1. Make sure that you have the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin installed and activated.

2. Download the BlueSnap Gateway extension plugin from the downloads management section. You will be given a file

3. Extract the file in order to obtain the checkout-bluesnap folder.

4. Upload the checkout-bluesnap folder to your wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation.

5. Go to Plugins in your WordPress dashboard where you can activate the Checkout – BlueSnap extension plugin. Alternatively, you can activate the extension plugin under Checkout > Extensions in your WordPress dashboard.

BlueSnap Setup

1. Login to your BlueSnap merchant/vendor panel. Login to your live account or sandbox account accordingly.

2. Go to “Products” and add a new product. Just fill in “Shopping Cart” for the name and the description and click “Submit” to save the product.

3. BlueSnap automatically creates a contract on the new product which will be used by the plugin. The name of the contract is “Full Version“. You will see this under “Contracts” at the bottom of the screen after you saved the product or when you edit the product. You will see a column named “Contract ID“. Copy the contract ID as you will need this later on to fill into the plugin.

Contract ID

4. Now click on the name/title of the contract “Full Version” to edit it. There are several things that you need to change on the contract in order for everything to work as expected and intended.

4.1. The first setting to change is the “Allow Override Price” under “Discounts“. Set this to “Yes, plain text parameter” so that the plugin can send through a new price for this contract based on the total which is in the shopping cart.

Allow Override Price

4.2. Next you need to turn on the IPN (Instant Payment Notifications) so that the BlueSnap server can send a notification to your server and the plugin once a payment is made so that the Shopping Cart plugin can update the order status accordingly. Scroll down to “Notifications” and tick/check the checkbox named “Receive IPN“. Then tick/check the radio button next to “Use a specific IPN URL for this contract” and you’ll need to fill in a URL. The URL is the link/URL to your Shopping Cart page on your site, created by the Shopping Cart plugin but with ?wpcomethod=coreturn&type=bluesnap added to the end of it. So if your Shopping Cart page URL is the URL to fill into this BlueSnap IPN field is

Receive IPN

4.3. Next we need to create a custom field in the contract which will allow the Shopping Cart plugin to send the order ID through to BlueSnap so that it is returned again. The order ID is used to identify the order. While editing the contract, click on “Custom Fields” at the very top. Create a hidden custom field named “Order ID” (keep the spelling and caps exactly like that, don’t change it) and then click the “Submit” button at the top to save the custom field.

Custom Fields

4.4. The last setting is to redirect users after payment back to your site. While editing the contract, there are several links at the very top of the page. Click the “BuyNow Template” link. I will show the current, active template being used. Then click “Customize Style & Settings” for the current template being used. Scroll down to “After Purchase Settings” and at “Return to URL” tick/check the “Redirect a Shopper to a specific URL after purchase” checkbox and fill in a URL of your choice where you want users to go to after they have paid. You most likely want to show them an order confirmation and thank you page, then use your Shopping Cart page link/URL with ?wpcomethod=cosuccess after it eg.

Return to URL

Shopping Cart plugin Settings/Configuration

With the BlueSnap account setup, most of the work is done.

Now go to Checkout > Configuration > Payment Methods > BlueSnap in the Shopping Cart plugin where you will find the following settings:

BlueSnap Plimus Settings

1. Title/Caption

The title/caption is simply the text which will display to the customers and the merchant in both the front-end and back-end of the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin. Give it a title such as “Payments with BlueSnap” or anything you prefer.

2. Contract ID

This is the contract ID from the “Full Version” contract which was created with your product in step #3 in the BlueSnap Setup instructions above. Simply copy and paste it here.

3. Mode

The mode depends on the type of BlueSnap account you are using. If you have a real/live account, set this to live. If you have a test/sandbox account, set this to sandbox.

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