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The WordPress Shopping Cart plugin together with the, eProcessingNetwork emulator will allow you to accept credit card payments through your WordPress website using without sending your customers away from your site and keeping them inside your WordPress shop/store at all times. (AIM) payment method requires an SSL certificate installed and configured on your site because billing data such as credit card details is sent directly from your WordPress site through to where it gets processed and a result is returned to your customer on the same page without redirecting.

Configure eProcessing Network

To use eProcessing Network with the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin, you’ll need an eProcessingNetwork account.

Apply here for an eProcessingNetwork account, they will supply you an API Login ID and Transaction Key to use on our plugin.

Configure the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin

Once you have your Login ID and Transaction Key you need to fill it into the plugin configuration settings under Checkout > Configuration > (AIM). Make sure you select eProcessingNetwork Emulator to use eProcessingNetwork through


Results of WordPress with eProcessingNetwork using (AIM)

With that done, you are ready to start adding products and proceed with checkout. When you get to the page where you are asked for a credit card number, expiry date and CVV, you can use the credit card number 4007000000027, any date in the future for the expiry and any 3 numbers for the CVV.

That’s it, your shopping cart can now process eProcessingNetwork payments through and complete orders successfully.

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