Slideshow Gallery Release Notes v1.6


WordPress Slideshow Gallery 1.6 release notes.


  • Excerpt length and more settings for featured posts in slideshow
  • Assign/set/remove galleries bulk action for slides in admin
  • jQuery UI effects – Blind, Clip, Explode, Puff, Pulsate, Shake, etc.
  • Touch/mobile swipe gestures support
  • “Per Page” setting in admin sections
  • Max height setting for auto height
  • Set a delay on the information bar


  • Upgrade Colorbox and load from CDN
  • WordPress 4.4 headings changes compatibility
  • Headings in admin settings for easier configuration
  • Use post_id=”X” to pull current post/page ID automatically
  • Make sure links in information bar is the same colour as information text
  • WordPress configured date format in admin sections for dates
  • Select2 drop downs in admin sections
  • Performance improvements with PHP class autoload
  • Remove wp_head/wp_footer checks
  • Check that slide ‘type’ database field is present


  • Featured posts featuredtype parameter ineffective
  • “Submit Serial Key” permission/access error
  • Sorting of slides within gallery in admin not working
  • Possible XSS security issues
  • HTML validation errors
  • Specify URL slides not always pulling image correctly
  • Specify URL “File type is not allowed…
  • Colorbox images wrong path (404 Not Found)
  • Information bar not showing excerpt of post correctly
  • Post/page media images description not showing in info bar
  • Thumbnails don’t show on some browsers (Android, Opera, Safari, etc)

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