Slideshow Gallery Release Notes v1.5.1


WordPress Slideshow Gallery 1.5.1 release notes.


  • Setting to output Javascript per slideshow or globally in footer
  • Detection of wp_head/wp_footer functions in theme which are required
  • Left/right and top/bottom sliding effect
  • Effect/transition setting to choose between fade/slide
  • jQuery easing effects


  • Open featured posts slides in the same window
  • Make prev/next buttons/elements unselectable
  • Animation for auto height of images
  • Cross-fading of images for a better effect
  • Image fade speed setting up to 50
  • New, improved paging in admin sections


  • Slide ‘type’ database column/field not created or updated to support media
  • Fix drag/drop sorting open- and closed hand cursors
  • Erratic timing between slides
  • Auto height setting doesn’t work on fixed layout slideshow

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