The One Click SSL extension product provides instant SSL (https://) capability in your WordPress shop running the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin.

How Does It Work?

We call it "one click" because you litterally switch it on and the plugin handles the rest for you. It will ensure that the checkout procedure in your shop runs on SSL (https://) at all times and also makes all non-SSL (https://) references such as images, stylesheets, scripts, etc... secure so that your SSL certificate will validate.

Use this SSL extension plugin to provide your customers with a safe and secure shopping experience in your shop.

A valid SSL certificate is required on your hosting as this plugin doesn't include the actual SSL certificate, just the functionality of using it's https:// protocol. See the One Click SSL documentation for installation, activation and configuration instructions.

Don't Have SSL?

If you need hosting with free SSL, take a look at our managed hosting. We can also install paid SSL certificates for you. We used to sell quality, premium SSL certificates with free installation included but have paused that for now. Alternatively you can use any SSL certificate installed by your hosting or another service provider.

Features of this WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin Extension

  • one-click-ssl

    One Click SSL

    Turn On/Off SSL (https://) for your WordPress Shopping Cart plugin with literally a click. Great control!

  • valid-ssl

    Valid SSL

    Have a shop with an SSL certificate that validates so that your customers get the lock icon and/or green bar to show it is secure.

  • https-references

    HTTPS References

    The plugin will ensure that all https:// references to images, stylesheets, scripts, etc... are converted to https:// so that the pages contain only secure elements.