Decimal separator for prices [Solved]

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I´ve set the decimal separator for prices to "," (comma) but in the widget all prices are still being displayed like "2.00€".
In the tax (even on checkout) the separator is also wrong. And in checkout the currency is being displayed before the number - also I´ve set this to display after the number (Should the currency symbol be placed before or after the price?).

Where can I correct this?

Best regards,


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    Hello Jan,

    Depending on who or where your target market is, the usual position for the currency symbol is in front of the price and the decimal separator is a point ( . ). You are, of course, quite at liberty to have it the way you wish. :)

    If the settings aren't updating for you, I have a feeling this might be related to your other post where I mentioned about the possibility that the plugin might not have been uploaded installed correctly. We should perhaps address that issue first before getting to this one.

    I hope this is in order?

    Kind regards,

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