Blank entries in admin screen; unable to remove

Hey there.  Great plugin, but we have one issue with it.  We've got a site with a couple dozen galleries that contain around ~300 images between them, which over time get replaced a few at a time.  When replacing images, the old ones are deleted, and the new ones added as new slides.  Since there are so many slides, our normal way of going about managing things is to go to the Manage Galleries screen, and click on the link indicating the number of slides in a gallery; we are then taken to a screen with only the slides in that gallery listed.  The problem is that on this screen, old deleted slides still appear; they have no image or title, have a date of 1970-01-01, but still take up a table row.  The edit and delete links exist for each blank one, but when click one it says "No slide was specified".

This can be avoided by first removing the slide from all galleries, then deleting it.  However, we have dozens and dozens of blank ones in there already- sometimes pages of them at a time- and it's getting to be a problem.

I suspect that the problem is that when a slide is deleted, the corresponding record in the wp_gallery_slides table is removed, but the record in the wp_gallery_galleriesslides table linking it to a gallery is not.

So far as I know, this bug has been present in versions and (and probably everything in between, but I can't say for sure).  We use now.

Whether I'm right or I'm wrong as to the cause, a fix to this would be greatly appreciated!


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