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Is there a way to charge different shipping based on country or state?  For example, we want to have a fixed rate shipping for all 48 states, but more to ship to Alaska and Hawaii.  Also we would like a different rate to ship to Canada or other countries.  When we used ubercart we could add shipping methods based on countries or even individual states in the U.S.  Is that possible or is there an extension for that?  Thanks.  /Bob DeCloss


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    Hello Bob,

    Thank you for getting in contact with us.

    Unfortunately regional shipping is not a built-in feature yet, our team is working to make it possible in one of the next releases. Right now you have the option to add taxes to your customers cart depending on their Country and State as you can see here:

    We do have a weight tier shipping though as you can see here: it will let you set different prices to your customers cart based on their order total weight.

    I can assure you that we`ll be soon adding this feature to our plugin.

    Let us know if this helps ok?

    All the best!
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    I forgot to mention, with ubercart, the extra shipping amount was based on the weight that was attached to the product, if we used "weight based shipping."  So for example, if the particular product weighed was 80 pounds, regular shipping in the lower 48 states was $80, but if it was to Alaska or Hawaii there was a mulitplier, say $2.35/lb which would be applied to the weight.  We could add this based on country or state and then when the client filed out their shipping information, it would then calculate the shipping.  Hope that makes sense.  Thanks.  /Bob DeCloss
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    We have a similar issue for small items.  It''s kind of the reverse to your problem though.  We use the API for most shipping prices and then give the option of a flat rate for certain very small items.  This works well for us.   Perhaps you could do it in reverse were you use flat rate in the lower 48 and then use an API shipping option like USPS for Alaska and Hawaii.   We let the user self select the appropriate shipping option and it works out.  I don't think we've had to contact someone to tell them they can't use that shipping option.  

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    Thank you for posting a reply and a solution John, great stuff!
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    Hi Bob,

    I'm just following up to find out whether your issue has been resolved?

    If so, we would appreciate it if you would kindly post a reply here for the good of the community explaining how it was resolved, and also mark this thread as SOLVED by editing the title as explained in the sidebar on the right.

    Kind regards,

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