Variation prices not displaying correctly.

Variation 1 is set to be $1.00, but in the variation drop down, it is showing at +$1.085. It calculates correctly. What is causing this? Did I miss a setting somewhere?


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    The variation calculation displays an odd amount because of tax on the variation. Please go to checkout> Products- edit a product -Variations and turn tax calculation on variation off.

    This will solve this calculations.

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    Has Marietha's suggestion solved the problem for you?
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    No because then tax is not calculated correctly because the option is 'No, only calculate tax on the product base price.' - so tax wouldn't be correct b/c it's not on the actual total of base product + variation. 
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    Then you can set that setting to Yes.

    The price just shows the tax included, that's all.
    That extra amount is not calculated on top of the tax, it is actually extracted from the tax total.
    It is just for display purposes.
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