Changing "How Many" to "Quanity" on store and product pages

edited June 2014 in Shopping Cart plugin
Is there a simple way to change "How Many" to "Quanity" on the store and product pages? 


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    The "How Many" is coded into the view.php and loop.php template files under "wp-checkout/views/default/products/".

    The best way to change this is to create a child theme folder.

    So then you can go and create a "checkout/" folder in your WordPress theme's folder.
    Then create a "products/" folder in there so that you have "checkout/products/"
    Then copy the view.php and loop.php over form "wp-checkout/views/default/products/" to your new "checkout/products/" folder inside your WordPress theme's folder.

    And then make edits to those 2 template files as needed.
    You can follow the same procedure for other template files or anything inside "wp-checkout/views/default/" for that matter.

    The advantage of this is that those template files are then outside the plugin and won't be overwritten when you upgrade the plugin in the future.

    Let me know if this helps.
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