Inconsistency in plugin: Gallery from plugin shows, gallery from library doesn't

Hi All,

Since there's still no news on an update where this plugin will work properly with the path with a multisite I decided to install WP completely fresh as a standalone instead of a multisite. This mean I need to test everything on my live site at the moment, which isn't favorable, but since I haven't given the link to anyone I guess it's not a huge thing.

Anyway, like I said, I've made a fresh install. I've uploaded three photos into the WP library with my first post, fully expecting to be able to use these photos in the gallery.
The odd thing... where the gallery would show up on the multisite (with the thumbnails shown broken), the gallery now doesn't show up with photos uploaded through the post to the library.
When I make a gallery in the plugin portion of the side, a gallery will show.
It's like to code isn't being parsed when I try to use images from the normal library, while it is being parsen when I use the plugin gallery.

What's happening? And more importantly: how can I solve this?

You can see the different options I've tried here.
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