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I have the most recent versions of wp-checkout, wordpress, affiliate tracking extensions, wp-affiliate platform.

I would like to delete the Comments off, the date, and the next and previous post buttons from my products and categories page. 

Also i was wondering do these plugins all link together. I add a product in wp checkout ( just a affiliate URL ) I want to delete the price or configure price cause im not selling these products ( which i dont know how to do yet ) as im just creating a links list. I want to be able to track which registered user actually clicks on the link to the company im affiliated with and when or if they make a purchase it adds a sale to the affiliate platform under the sales person affiliate id or if the user clicks on the affiliate link from my site it will make a sale on the affiliate id through the platform. I have it to working when the person clicks on the affiliate URL for my site it makes a click added to the platform just not a sale cause im actually not selling anything. I want to make the other companies affiliate link be my sell. I'm not sure if i have explained this well or not it all sounds good in my head. After search all over the net i have found this site with all the plugins on what im wanting to do just need some input setting it up. 

Thanks in advance for the help any further questions feel free to contact me.


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    Thank you for your post and sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

    I couldn't find any shop or products on the site you provided.

    If you are using custom post types for your products, you can just create a custom post type template in your WordPress theme named single-product.php (as a copy of single.php) and then remove the comments, meta data, etc... from the template file.

    Let me know if that helps.
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