[Solved] Resizing the Slideshow Gallery


I love the slideshow app and it's doing well what i want it to do, so thank you! 

I however, would like to resize it. As in it's huge right now. Covers up so much of the page and the entire slideshow isn't showing up in one frame. Like I see in the demo. 


How do I get that? Am not a huge techie, but I can tweak things a bit if someone can guide me. Please and thank you? :)



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    Thank you for your post.

    If you want to set the width/height of the slideshow in the WordPress Slideshow Gallery plugin, you can set layout="fixed" and then width="600" and height="300" for example to specify the width/height in pixels.

    You can set the layout/width/height globally under Slideshow > Configuration or alternatively, you can override those global settings by specifying these parameters in a single shortcode, for a specific slideshow gallery.

    eg. [tribulant_slideshow layout="fixed" width="600" height="300"...]

    Let me know if that helps and if it is what you're asking and want to achieve?
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    Did my suggestion work to resize the slideshow gallery as needed?

    Let me know if you need any further assistance with this, please.

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