403 Forbidden on edit slides

Please refer to this link for the issue that occurs:


Thanks for your help.

Matteo Andreatta


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    Thank you for your post.

    403 Forbidden is a server side issue which usually refers or relates to security such as Apache mod_security or something similar. In most cases, it is Apache mod_security.

    Which procedure are you using specifically when you add/edit a slide?

    Do you upload an image or do you choose one from the media library or?

    Also, what is the link/URL in the address bar at the time of the 403 Forbidden error?

    I look forward to your response with more details.

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    any solution to this one yet?

    Having the same problem when clicking save after editing a single slide inside a gallery.


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    edited July 2015

    Hi, i've have the same problem.

    Wtih a multiple upload is all ok. With a single upload it doesn't work. So the slide is online, but i can't add the link.

    The link at the time of the 403 is :





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    I am now facing the same problem...
    Wtih an Add multiple upload is all ok. With a single upload or edit existing slice doesn't work.

    please help.
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    Do you also get a 403 Forbidden error when you try to save a single slide? Or what happens specifically?

    Can you please open a ticket here: https://tribulant.com/support/
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    Yes, I do get a 403 forbidden error when I try to save a single slide which it was created using the multiple upload option, I do see others getting this type of problem... but I cannot find the solution....
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    it means the edit option got 403 when save, but I can delete it... all I want was like few months back that I can EDIT it.... and save it......Thanks.
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