[Solved] Use site theme for newsletter template

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Hi there!

I'd like to be able to send out a newsletter using the styles of the site theme. Is this possible to do as an "import" or do I need to create/edit a template for the newsletter plugin?

I look forward to your reply.




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    Thank you for your post.

    Yes, absolutely, this will make a great feature.

    So not the actual layout but to just import the main style.css stylesheet file of the WordPress theme?

    I'm adding this into our development list so that we can add it as a setting/feature in the Newsletter plugin under Newsletters > Configuration > General > Theme, Scripts & Custom CSS. Or maybe per newsletter template will be more flexible?

    Let me know if you have any further input/suggestions on this.

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    Hi, just wondering if this has been done yet, and how do I apply it?
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    @bsetzer and @Shona

    We implemented this in our latest development to dynamically load the WordPress theme's stylesheet into a newsletter template. This can be turned on/off per template and will be done automatically.

    This update will be out soon with this feature included.
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