[Solved] multiple 404 error reports

I keep getting the following 404 errors on my site and the offending url is /wp-content/plugins/wp-mailinglist/js/jquery.cookie.js

Any idea why this is or how to stop it? 


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    Thank you for your post.

    We have removed the jQuery cookie script from the Newsletter plugin completely but unfortunately found that the /default/ theme folder is still calling it. So this is a bug.

    We are working on fixing the issue and will have an update shortly. In the meanwhile, if you switch to /default2/ under Newsletters > Configuration > General > Theme, Scripts & Custom CSS, the issue will go away. It is the new theme folder and it doesn't call to jQuery cookie like this.

    I'm adding this discussion to the task on our development list and will reply back here soon.

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    We have fixed this jQuery cookie script call issue in our latest development.

    We will release an update of the Newsletter plugin shortly to address it.

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