Order Confirmations are not sending

This problem has now occured twice.

Customers are placing orders. After payment, the cart is mailing me an email confirmation of the order.  In two different stores, the emails magically stopped coming; in the first store, after order 86, in the second store after 64. I haven't touched any settings in over a week. I just tested the email configuration in the cart's config settings and there are no problems. However, I can go to orders and see new orders that were placed without any notification.

The last time this occured, I switched my outbound email from gmail to the host provided email. This corrected the problem.  Now the same thing is happening in a second store using the host provided email.

Both are using wp_mail.  I tried to use stmp without any luck.


1. Is there a manually way to resend the order confirmation to myself and partner?

2. What is the solution to getting the email system working again?



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    After sending the test emails, it started working again??? Has anyone seen this behavior before? Is there a manual way to send order confirmations (to myself and partner) as a temporary fix for the next time this happens?
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    And they have stopped again. I sent a test email and it has started working again.

    Can you release a patch to automate this procedure until you can recreate the problem and trap the bug?


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    Hi David,

    Have you perhaps submitted a support ticket about this issue as well, and is it still persisting?

    Have you upgraded your Shopping Cart plugin to the latest version? Similar issues have been solved by updating the plugin recently.

    Please let us know, will you?

    Best regards,

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    edited February 2013
    I upgraded the shopping cart today and now the order confirmations are not sending!!!

    EDIT: Actually all is ok, it just took 2 hours for the email to get to my inbox!
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    Thanks for letting us know David!

    Why 2 hours, I have no idea. Is it still taking that long?


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    Phil,  wanted to report back that all is well.

    The hosting company, GoDaddy, has been fired!  After tracing the problem back to their server, and them denying there was a problem, I discovered that Spam Cop shut me down for spamming myself (long story).

    I moved hosting providers and all is well.

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    Great to hear that Dave!

    Interesting one that, spamming yourself :-D

    Take care, give us a shout any time you need to. :)

    Best regards,

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