Order Confirmations are not sending

This problem has now occured twice.

Customers are placing orders. After payment, the cart is mailing me an email confirmation of the order.  In two different stores, the emails magically stopped coming; in the first store, after order 86, in the second store after 64. I haven't touched any settings in over a week. I just tested the email configuration in the cart's config settings and there are no problems. However, I can go to orders and see new orders that were placed without any notification.

The last time this occured, I switched my outbound email from gmail to the host provided email. This corrected the problem.  Now the same thing is happening in a second store using the host provided email.

Both are using wp_mail.  I tried to use stmp without any luck.


1. Is there a manually way to resend the order confirmation to myself and partner?

2. What is the solution to getting the email system working again?



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