Overlay.png is incorrectly referenced in the /views/default/css/colorbox.css file

Shortly after upgrading to of this plugin, I noticed that I started to get some 404 errors on all my pages (that's another issue I'm above to talk about).

404 Response: http://mysite.com/wp-content/plugins/slideshow-gallery/views/default/images/overlay.png

Upon closer inspection, I found that the old css that did reference this file (among others) was block commented out lated at: ../slideshow-gallery/css/colorbox.css -> which this does properly reference the aforementioned image (and others).

So, without digging into why the old css styles are commented out and why this new file is referenced, I simply updated the css styles to point to the correct location in the following file:

// example
#cboxOverlay{background:url(../../../images/colorbox/overlay.png) repeat 0 0;}

While this works as a short-term solution, the next update would surly remove my changes. I don't think I should have to update my site's CSS to override the plugin's styles, or even provide a css load hack to the function.php file.

Is this a known issue or should I have done something different? I did download the zip from WP and extract it into the site (removing the existing plugin completely).



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