Slideshow gallery doesn't work after wordpress moving to other hosting server.

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Hello friends, 

I have been used wordpress slideshow gallery by tribulant for some time on my site (test domain and host server). With this configuration gallery works fine, but when i have done with site-developing, i was move it from one host server to other. I have configured data base, wordpress and other things and have move the site.

When i have finished i was surprised because all works fine except gallery. It is present on web page, but image paths was disappear because when i am checked html markup in browser i am seen this code:

<img src alt='pic1' /> - the src attribute has 0 value...

And as the result, i see only blank screen without any slides in gallery.

In wordpress slides managing page, i have seen some issues too. There are no preview for images on managing page, just title for the images.

The link to my site gallery here:

i hope to fix it as soon as possible


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    Thank you for your post. I will assist you to resolve it.

    When you go to Slideshow > Manage Slides, are the slides complete with all information?

    By the looks of the source code, the slides are missing their image paths.

    Is it possible that not all data was transferred over with the hosting migration?

    I look forward to your response.

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