Does WP eMember Extension Plugin modify subscriptions or just create them initially?

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I'm using WP eMember, and I'm thinking about using the WordPress Newsletter Plugin.  I see that there's an add-on that will allow me to add members created in eMember as newsletter subscribers.

Does that only handle the initial subscription, or will it update the list membership when the person's membership changes in eMember?


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    Thank you for your post.

    The Newsletters - WP eMember extension only subscribes to the Newsletter plugin from WP eMember registrations initially. It doesn't sync witht he users in any other way.

    Do you need this functionality?

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    Sorry for the delay getting back to you.

    I do need to be able to update mailing lists based on actions that happen after the member's initial registration.  

    The functionality I'm looking for is:

    1) When a member enrolls in a membership level, subscribe them to the corresponding group in the Newsletter plugin.   I need to do this both for new registrations and existing members who join a new membership level.

    2) When an existing member updates their email address in WP eMember, update their email address in the Newsletter plugin.

    3) When an existing member is removed from a membership level, remove them from the old level's group in the Newsletter plugin, and add them to the new one.   I need this to happen when I modify membership from Members > Add/edit member and Admin Functions > Bulk Operation > Bulk Update

    (Right now, I'm only doing manual level changes via the admin area's bulk operations.  So I don't need the membership expiration to trigger a mailing list change.)


    I can kludge this myself with my current mailling list service and eMember's API, so if none of this is on your to-do list, it's not the end of the world.  But I was hoping to find something that already has that functionality.

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