Newsletter emails queuing but not delivering.

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I've tried several times to send a preview to myself and send out a newsletter queuing subscribers and running the event or selecting the filter to send now.  

Using Lite version.

Keeps saying it's sent out but I haven't received anything and yes I checked my junk and bulk mail.



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    In otherwords the newsletter will not send to me or anyone else.  Thanks

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    Thank you for your posts.

    I see that you had another forum thread for this.

    Under Newsletters > Email Queue, are there any errors in the "Error" column in the queue?

    If there are, what are the errors?

    If not, and you click "Run Now", please keep an eye on the screen.

    Does a button come up saying "Reset Transient"? If it does, please click that.

    You'll have a second or two to click that button before it redirects.

    It is possible that there is a stuck transient.

    I look forward to your response.

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    Hi I can't even get it to send a preview to me.  I'll try to send it again but if the Reset Transient doesn't come up, how would I do that manually?  Thanks a bunch.

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    Ok, are there any errors at all?

    If the problem persists, please submit a ticket to us with login details to check:

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