[Solved] How can I make Newsletter plugin work with Event Espresso?

It seems that I cannot activate Newsletter without it causing the times displayed on my calendar events to show as several hours too early! This seems to be a problem with how Newsletter handles times. See below:
I had a look at that plugin and can see it is using date_default_timezone_set() which is what is causing the problem.
WordPress expects the default timezone to always be UTC, once you change that, strange things start happening to anything that uses Dates, as EE is heavily reliant on date working correctly it shows up more, but the cause is the use of that function.
A couple of examples explain this can be found here:
Unfortunately there is no quick fix, if may be possible to just comment out that code from the plugin until the author can add a proper fix, although you will need to check with them if this would work.
If the solution is to comment out a code, could someone very precisely explain to me how that is done? What line(s) of code do I look for? What do I type to comment it out? Will this cause problems with the Newsletter plugin?

Thanks for any help.


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    @Brenda V Jones

    Thank you for your post.

    We have seen this problem before and made improvements to it but we currently have this on our development list to investigate and resolve.

    I'll post back here once we have fixed the problem with the date/time and then offer you a development build if you're interested. If you want to, you can create a ticket in our help desk where we can send you the development build: http://tribulant.com/support/

    I hope this helps for now.
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    @"Brenda V Jones"

    We have improved our Newsletter plugin in this regard.

    The date_default_timezone_set() function will no longer be used by default and there is a new setting to turn this on for those who need it accordingly.

    We will release an update soon with this improvement included.
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    If you have a problem/conflict with the Event Espresso timezones, you can turn off the date/time modification in the Newsletters plugin to resolve it.

    Go to Newsletters > Configuration > System > WordPress Related and in Advanced settings mode see the last setting in that box named "Set Timezone". You can untick/uncheck that checkbox and save the settings.

    That will ensure the Event Espresso date and time is correct.
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