[Solved] Email Scheduling Settings

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In the Email Scheduling section of the Configuration screen, there is an option for "Emails per Interval" with a recommendation of below 100. The default schedule interval using WP cron is 2 minutes. But, when you select the "Server cron job" option the recommendation is 5 minutes. So two questions:

1. Why is the server cron suggested for 5 minutes and the default WP cron is 2 minutes?
2. If you switch to server cron at 5 minute intervals, does the suggested emails per interval rise 2.5x (250)?

In other words, which is better 100 emails every 2 minutes or 250 every 5 minutes or is there no practical difference?


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    Thank you for your post.

    Disregarding what the server cron job says, the recommended settings remain 100 emails every 2 minutes even for the server cron job as well.

    Please set it up that way.
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    OK, just to be clear, I should set the server cron to fire every 2 minutes NOT every 5 and keep the emails per interval to a number below 100. Is that correct?
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    Yes, that's correct. Keep it at 2 minutes and try to keep the number of emails below 100. You can try to increase above 100 but do it gradually and make sure it runs effectively please.
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