[Solved] Line breaks in text formatted emails

edited July 2016 in Newsletter plugin
I was just testing the text format option for emails and I have entered a text-only version in the appropriate field. This text includes line breaks but when the email is sent those seem to get stripped out. Can you verify this on your end or has anyone else experimented with this?


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    I have a similar issue. It would be nice to see the solution here, or a link to the solution. I will continue searching in the meantime.
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    Thank you for this.

    We will work on a solution for this, I was able to duplicate this issue.

    I'll add a task to our dev list.

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    Thanks. Is there a way to track issues like this? I know I have pointed out a couple around six months ago that still seem to have not been implemented and I am naturally curious to know when a solution will become available.
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    @"Darryl Dobbs" and @jmb

    Thank you for your posts.

    We worked on this issue with the line breaks/newlines in the TEXT version of the newsletter and resolved the problem so it is fully working now.

    The line breaks/newlines in the text version will work in both custom TEXT part specified and in the TEXT part automatically generated if a custom one is not specified.

    We are releasing an update shortly with this fix included.
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