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I currently have 2 shipping rates for user to choose from. One for within Australia and the other for international orders (this is not automatic - users have to choose which one they require).

I need to make the shipping rates apply pre product rather than per order. Eg each product will cost $8 to post in Australia and $20 internationally.

I can't see a way to apply a per product postage charge? Is this possible?


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    Hi katmac,

    Thanks for your post.

    Although it is possible to make your selection automatic on a global shipping level, it's not possible on a per product level without requiring the customer to make a selection of which shipping method to use.

    If you're OK with the customer having to select the shipping method (local or international), I could explain to you how to set it up if you like.

    Please let me know, I look forward to your reply.

    Kind regards,

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    Thanks Phil. They already choose if in Australia or International so thats ok. Yes, please explain how I can add a per product pricing option with an Australia rate and Internation rate (user responsible for choosing australia or international).
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    Hi Katmac,

    Thanks for your reply. Here goes:

    First you create your two shipping methods, Australia Post Local and Australia Post International, under Checkout > Shipping Methods, but zero price them (0.00):


    Then edit your product, and under product pricing and shipping edit the settings as in the following screenshot:


    If you follow this method you should have the desired effect.

    May I ask why you want this on a per product basis though? Will there be only certain products that this will apply to? If it will be the majority of products, it might be worth while having this as a global setting, making the selection automatic, and then just making other products the exception to the rule?

    I look forward to your reply.

    Best regards,

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    My client would like postage for physical goods to be charged for each individual product. So if they order one book it costs $8 to send, 2 books would be $16 etc. (or more for international).

    All the products are intangible except for the one physical book so thats why this was only relevant to one product. All other products didnt have shipping. In the future their may be more books and these would also follow the same rule.

    Thanks, this solution worked!
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    Thanks for the reply Katmac,

    You're right, this should work well for your client.

    I must just mention though that if you did this globally and simply excluded the digital products from the global shipping calculation, then the choice between international or local shipping would have been made automatically, leaving no room for international "sharlatans" to select local shipping to save a few bucks :-)

    Anyway, glad it worked! Please let us know if you encounter any hiccups along the way, we're always happy to help.

    Kind regards,

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    Will it be possible for the variations on products to be able to also change the shipping price?  For example, we sell item A with an variation that will add 10 pounds to the total weight of the product.  While it may, and in some cases, does increase the product price, it also increases the weight and hence the shipping price.  Currently there is no way to adjust the weight price, just the cost price.  Are there any discussions to fix this?  Thanks.  /Bob
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    Hi Bob,

    We have the feature whereby the variation options affect the total weight on our development list, and plan to add it in the near future.

    I hope that helps?


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