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I'm wondering how the stock level functionality works as I have not used it til now.

If I set a stock level for an item to be 5, and a user orders 6, does the order for 6 still get processed. The only thing i see is that a message appears on the shpping cart widget to indicate that the user has ordered too many. But, they are still able to order all 6. Is this correct handling?


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    Hi Dave,

    That is not correct handling, and it's an issue that has been fixed in the latest development build. If you would like us to send it to you via Dropbox, could you please submit a support ticket at with your request, and so we could have your email address to send it to.

    Please place a link to this blog post in the support ticket as well, if you don't mind.

    I look forward to your reply.

    Best regards,


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