New Idea

I'm building a second multisite. I have checkout running well on the first for a regional organization.

I primarily use Checkout for events registration. For the most part, it serves my needs fairly well.

Now I have a dilemma. On the first multisite, subscribers are shared and contacted as a collective. This site serves a region for an organization of different event host. Conversely, the second multisite will serve as a more independent service; subscribers will not be shared due to regional differences. My problem is that I cannot easily contact former customers of each independent site the following year to promote an upcoming event without manually harvesting the emails.

To solve this problem, the Checkout plugin would need to create a new user field, say "customer_sites", that gets amended AFTER each purchase with the vendor/sites name. This would allow past customers to be contacted by each vendor for future purchases without spamming ever customer base in the multisite.

I understand the new code would have to check for repeated information.

You may ask, why should Tribulant add such code to Checkout?
Because it would have to integrate with Newsletter (a little more code). I currently don't use Newsletter. Such an update would change that.
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