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The site I am working on is a book site and each book comes in 3 versions - e-book (Downloadable) - $9.99, Paper back (Tangible) - $18.95 and Hard Cover (Tangible) - $29.95. I have a customized product page for each of the titles and want to add the ability to purchase either type of book for that title to the pages.  Currently I have added the title as a category and have added the 3 types of books as a product in that category. This is working fine, but now I need to add other ebook types (i.e. pdf, epub, mobi)..  They will all be priced at $9.99.  Is there a way to create an option/variation so that for ebooks they could choose what format they want and download the associated file? Or do you have a recommendation on how to set this up? 

I have tried setting up variations in List mode, but can't seem to get anything to appear - not sure what I am doing wrong?

Thanks for any help or direction you can provide me - here is a page so you can take a look at what I have so far -  I would love to be able to keep it in Grid mode and offer the select of different ebook types.


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    Hi Tammy,

    Thanks for your post.

    I'm afraid determining the filetype through variation options isn't possible at the moment, but I believe it is on our development list. No ETA for that though.

    What you might perhaps do is to create a download page with links to download all the types of files, and then serve the page URL as the download link in the Shopping Cart plugin? Your customer can then choose which version to download. It's a bit of a hacky workaround, but it might work :-)

    As for the variations - unfortunately they will only appear in list display, not in grid display mode. As for the variations not appearing in list display mode, could you please check that the "Show Fields" setting under Checkout > Configuration > Products & Images > Products Loop/Paging is set to "Yes" -

    I hope this helps? Please let us know if you need further assistance. If it seems we might have to login to investigate something for you, please submit a support request at with WordPress admin and FTP (or cPanel) login details.

    Kind regards,

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