[Solved] Checkout and invoice issue

Hey there,
Recently started using this product. I cant change any of the information in the invoice either when I click save changes it just brings me to a error 404 page.

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    @"Alex Moran"

    Are you getting the 404 Not Found error message under Checkout > Configuration > Invoices when you try to edit the invoice settings?

    If that's the case, the contents in that form may be blocked by Apache mod_security or some similar security. Removing the company/website URL setting's value should resolve the problem. The http:// link may be blocked by the security.

    I look forward to your response.
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    Hi thanks for the reply,
    When you say remove the website url settings value is that done on the server itself or is there a wordpress setting to change that?
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    @"Alex Moran"

    Was I right about it that you're trying to edit the invoice settings under Checkout > Configuration > Invoices and that it is where you are getting the 404 error?

    You can just empty the field "Company Web Address" and then try to save the invoice settings. We've seen that this field with the URL in it often gets blocked due to security like Apache mod_security and that's the reason why.
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    That worked perfectly, Thank you
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    @"Alex Moran"

    I'm glad to hear that resolved the problem.
    So it's security on the hosting blocking the URL posted from the form.

    I'll mark this discussion as [Solved].
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