Edit fields not working for templates and mailing lists

edited August 2017 in Newsletter plugin

Currently when I try to edit the fields for any mailing list or templates, it creates a new record when I attempt to save it. Leaving the original unmodified, what could be causing this? Also, when attempting to edit templates, the template title is lost and the files or custom image url base is lost as well.

Deactivating all plugins and reactivating them one by one to check what could be affecting it is not an option as this is a Wordpress multisite install with a lot of sites and a lot of plugins.


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    I do suspect it is a plugin conflict. Is there any way you can reconsider deactivating other plugins to see if another plugin is causing this conflict?

    Also, please go into the database, eg. wp_wpmlthemes where the newsletter templates are stored and make sure there is a primary key id database field and that it is working correctly.
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