Newbie question about email templates

I just installed the lovely newsletter plugin and I'm trying to create an email template.
Everything is working fine, and the shortcodes are working, but I have an issue with the content of the email, currently I can use [newsletter_posts] and [newsletters_main_content] (still don't know what the difference is), but what I want to do is customize the actual posts html layout, like for example in PHP you can run a loop and customize the html the way you want, but I can't find any way to do this in the plugin, am I missing something or this is not possible?



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    edited February 2018

    The [newsletters_posts...] shortcode is a shortcode to display certain, multiple posts based on criteria. The criteria are the attributes that you specify on the shortcode, eg. [newsletters_posts numberposts=5 order=ASC orderby=post_date post_type=event...]

    The [newsletters_main_content] shortcode is the very MAIN shortcode that goes into any newsletter template where the content you create for your newsletter under Newsletters > Create Newsletter is placed. It is the main editor content that is placed in the position of this shortcode.

    You can customize the HTML output of the [newsletters_posts...] shortcode email template and other email templates under Newsletters > Configuration > System Emails. The one for [newsletters_post...] and [newsletters_posts...] is the "Posts" box in the System Emails section.

    Let me know if that helps, please?
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    This works perfectly well! thanks a lot for your help!
    One last question though, is there any way to change the style of the shortcodes?
    For example, the unsubscribe shortcode displays the text in blue, I want it in white, the thumbnails are limiting me to the default wordpress values (full, large, small, medium) what if I want a custom value for that? I hope I explained well!

    Thanks a lot!
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