Shopping Cart on Multi-site will no longer copy customer roles to new site.


I've been using Shopping Cart since 2013. It serves my specific needs better than the competition.

Recently, I needed to do some updates. Wordfence had been nagging me. I'm a firm believer of "If it ain't broke don't fix it" because I've been burned by compatibility issues in the past.

I'm using SC (shopping cart) on a multisite to create short-term independent event registration sites. The only thing these sites share is the customer base (customer role).

What is Broken:
When I create a new event/site, I open access to that site through Multisite User Management by finding the site, clicking the drop-down, and ticking the "Customer" role.
All of their info is now transferred to the new site and they can register easily.
This is now BROKEN. When I select the customer role and save changes, I get a critical error and no user data is transferred.

What was Changed:
As I said earlier, I was overdue for updates fearing compatibility issues.
When I do make changes, I test carefully but apparently not well enough.

Several plugs were updated.
PHP was updated to 7.4.33
MySQL was updated to MariaDB 10.6.17 ( this was suggested by the host)

What I've tried:
I've deactivated all plugins and retested the Customer role transfer with no success.
I'm not going to update anything else until I get advisement.

WP-SC 1.9.9
PHP 7.4.33
MySQL 10.6.17-MariaDB
All of my plugins are compatible up to PHP 8.0

Also, my product pictures will no longer show up. I believe this is related.

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