[SOLVED] Additional code after someone subscribes to a mailing list

edited October 2012 in Newsletter plugin

Newsletter plugin version: 3.9.4
WordPress version: 3.4.2

Question: Is there a way to run additional code after someone has subscribed to a non-private mailing list (specificially through the AJAX widget would be a bonus, but not required). We need to subscribe the user to an additional private mailing list as soon as they subscribed to a non-private one.

Unfortunately I couldn't find find any actions in the plugin to hook on to to run additional code.

Another question: Is it possible to hide the Widget once a user has already subscribed to a non-private mailing list? Again, I couldn't find any action to hook on to for this. All our subscribers are linked to a regular WordPress account, so checking the condition would be no problem.

Thanks for your help!


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