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Hi, do you have recommended settings for wp super-cache? I have only defaults turned on but I also have /shopping-cart/ added to the list of pages not to cache. However, I was testing the site and I was getting somebody elses shopping cart! When I went to shipping details all of their details were there!! I'm using the guest checkout plugin so people dont have to login. It was very strange and a bit disconcerting.


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    Thank you for your post.

    Yes you should add the /shopping-cart/ part of the URL to the rules of pages not to cache. That way the checkout procedure won't be cached.

    The details you found during checkout, are they possibly saved to the account that you're logged in? Even with cache, the details on the shipping form won't be cached. If they are prefilled, they are saved as user meta to the user account so someone else must be using the 'admin' account for example with you.

    Create a new administrator account in WordPress and log into that please.
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    Hi, I was using my own account which I only have access to. It was very unusual. I know what you are saying but I dont think that is the reason. All I can really do is look out for it again. The site is getting some very high traffic at the moment (its a costume site!) and its only shared hosting.

    Regarding super - cache , are there any other specific settings we should be using - apart form adding /shopping-cart/ to the non cached pages?
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    Thank you for your response.

    Please see if you can duplicate it and let me know.

    There are no other specific settings that you need.
    You just want to add that /shopping-cart/ page to the no cache rules.
    That way the shopping cart contents and checkout procedure won't be cached.

    Let me know if this helps please!
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    Hi, this problem is happening quite frequently now.

    I have just updated to (at least I think i have as it is only showing up as 1.6.9 in the admin, so I have two 1.6.9 versions of the checkout plugin in my admin), so I am hoping that this solves it but I can't see the release notes for it to see what is fixed/updated.

    I have seen a number of emails from customers and a number have rang to complain that when they added an item to the cart the cart appeared to have several items in it which they did not order. I have guest checkout running so people no longer have to login to buy items.

    Has anybody else experienced this issue? This is starting to cause a lot of problems for us.
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    Just wondering, should my super-cache settings be like this :


    rather than 


    ..as my shopping cart is under the shop folder?

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    From what i can see wp-super-cache will not work with the checkout plugin. Super cache is a page caching plugin, therefore is not designed to no cache dynamic parts of a page. If it can be setup to do this it is a fairly complicated procedure. 
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    Hi David,

    Would you mind submitting a support ticket at http://tribulant.com/support/? I think we might have to login to your website to see what's going on.

    Please include both WordPress admin and FTP login details, and a link to this forum thread.

    Kind regards,

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