[Solved] Authorize.net recurring payments

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how does a customer cancel or edit a recurring payment set up through the Checkout cart?  

My cart is working, it has recurring payments and they work, I love the whole process.  I'm just trying to get an idea of how to educate our customers in order to edit their payment plans.  Do they just cancel and restart another?  

We use authorize exclusively ... do they notify us and we modify somehow?

Appreciate your help!


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    Figured it out!  We have an automated recurring billing agreement with authorize.net.  We can log in and see all active/inactive/etc subscriptions.  We will manage recurring settings for our customers.  Thanks!

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    Great, I'm glad to hear that you're enjoying the Authorize.net recurring payments in our WordPress Shopping Cart.

    Yes, that's right, your customers will have to contact you to cancel their subscriptions for them in your Authorize.net merchant panel.

    On a different note though, if an Authorize.net recurring payment fails, Authorize.net notfies the plugin of the status, etc.

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