Mar 29th Free SSL on all hosting accounts

We now provide free, domain validated SSL on all hosting accounts at no extra charge.

The SSL will secure your website on https:// protocol for your users to encrypt all data in transit and prevent theft, interception and hacking.

No setup or configuration is required, the SSL will be automatically setup on your hosting account with us.

Jun 26th 30 Days Free Hosting Trial

Our WordPress hosting is super fast, very secure and provides daily, redundant backups!

We are offering a 30 days free hosting trial to all interested clients.

If you love the hosting, you can then upgrade to any of the available hosting plans.

May 24th Tribulant Hosting Launched!

We have officially launched our hosting service.Tribulant Hosting will provide top quality, optimised and managed hosting services primarily aimed at the WordPress market.Go ahead and register, transfer or use your existing domain and get a WordPress hosting plan with us today.You may use promotional code WPHOSTLAUNCH for 50% discount on your ... Read More »