Affiliate Coupon Codes

Have you made good progress with affiliate marketing for this year?

I have some great coupon codes for you to give your WordPress plugin referrals a push! Remember, you earn 30% commission on all successful sales referred and these plugins are selling well.

Coupon Codes

Here are the coupon codes:

  • 2019 ( gives 10% discount
  • SUPERSTAR ( gives 10% discount

You can decide which of those you want to use. The bigger discount will be more enticing but it will cut into your commission.

Remember to change X above to your affiliate ID which you can get from your affiliate area.

Redirect From the Promo Page

The URLs above take your referrals to a promo page and pre-applies their coupon code for them.

If you want redirect a user from the promo page to a custom URL of your choice, you can do that. Once they enter the promo page, the affiliate referral cookie will already be set and then you can take them to any page on our website like a specific plugin for example. To do this, put a redirect parameter in the URL, e.g.:


That’s all you need to do.

You can test out the coupon codes and the URLs then promote on your website, social media, newsletter and anywhere else on the internet really.

Happy referring and may you make loads of commissions!

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