Crush Black Friday with Referrals

How is your Black Friday promoting going so far?

We just started crushing sales records here and I hope you are too. Everyone just wants to spend on Black Friday!

You can promote our WordPress plugins with the BLACK coupon code. The coupon code gives 60% OFF on everything on our website. You can give the coupon code to your users or let them pre-apply the coupon code by following this link: and just add your referral ID.

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Tips to Boost Commissions

To boost your commissions and maximize your promotions, you can try these things:

1. Email Your Mailing List

If you have a mailing list, now is the time to send a bulk email out to promote and earn commission. If you don’t have a mailing list yet, it should be a top goal to aim for in 2019.

2. Post on Social Media Networks

You can post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks. Include a short description and your affiliate link.

3. Create an Article on Your Blog

If you have a blog, create a post on it linking to our WordPress plugins with your affiliate link.

4. Group Deals Together

Create a post on social media or a post on your blog where you promote several Black Friday deals related to WordPress. There are many other WordPress related businesses running Black Friday deals so you can earn commission from them as well.

Very Important

Be sure to use your unique affiliate link. Login and get your affiliate link or create a link to any page or register as an affiliate if you aren’t yet.

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