5 Mistakes To Avoid When Implementing A New Accounting Software

Accounting software is crucial for new businesses, old businesses, and large and small enterprises. Accounting software helps automate and manage all accounting transactions. Accounting software saves your employees the time needed to process accounting data unlike when using traditional methods like spreadsheets. You will have easy access to updated financial statements. It’s also easy to track the revenue that your business is making without much hustle. A simple invoice template will also help with inventory control.  Unreliable accounting software will result into inaccurate financial information, which leads to poor financial decisions in the end.

Here are a few mistakes you can avoid when incorporating a new accounting software in your business.


  1. Failing To Calculate Profits And Losses Properly

When implementing new accounting software, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is not properly calculating your profit and loss. It’s important to have a complete understanding of how the software works before making any decisions based on its output. To keep your profits in check, invest in a tool with gross margin formula to calculate your profits accurately.

This will ensure that you are making the right decisions when it comes to managing your finances. Additionally, make sure you are familiar with the profits before tax deductions and after taxes, so you can truly understand the potential impact of the software.


  1. Failing To Conduct Needs Assessment

The first question should be, does your business need this software at the moment? If it’s a yes then, assess if you have funds to buy the software. Don’t settle for cheaper accounting software that yields inadequate results after some time. Competitors can also keep us on our toes. Ensure you are purchasing the software because your business needs one and not because a competitor purchased one. Your business operates differently from others so take your time and assess your needs, don’t make a rushed decision.


  1. Not Creating System Goals

Working with no goals will make your business operate poorly because of the bad accounting system. Have clear goals on why you need the new software. What you expect to achieve from this new software. Be specific on what outcome you are expecting from implementing the software. Having these goals will help determine if the software is working as planned after some time. If the software is working as planned then you don’t have to change anything, but if the results are inadequate then you need to change.


  1. Miscalculating The Duration Of Complete Implementation

While implementing a new accounting software it’s easy to assume that it will be done and functional in just a few hours. This is a process that needs time to install and operate properly. It takes time to train your staff and also test the system functionality. Data need to be extracted and translated into import templates while still ensuring no data is lost in between. New users need to be added, users cooperation will determine how successful the system will run. Moreover, invest your time in the process, do constant follow-ups will be required during the process.


  1. Trying To Create The Previous System

Recreating a system like the one you were using previously means you will still get the same inadequate result. There is no need to purchase a new system because you will not make much change. Looking back there is always a good reason why you need new software. New software means you’ll have a more secure system that allows the timely delivery of your work. Better customer service experiences and easy access to data by multiple employees. Generally, a new system should transform and improve the working environment and increase productivity by a bigger margin.



Learning these five common mistakes and avoiding them, will help you settle on the best software options available. Workflow and productivity will increase with good software. Staff involvement in this process will yield positive results hence everybody is well-equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge.  When researching for good software ensure you settle with the one with a good support system in case of enquires. Transitioning to the new system requires data migration which will involve data cleansing and filtering. Enough time is needed to sort the information that needs to be migrated. A successful transition needs your cooperation and responsibility together with your team members.

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