Top 6 Strategies to Increase Customer Engagement

As someone planning to or already running a business, you definitely understand the importance of getting new customers as well as holding on to the existing ones. For that, customer management becomes extremely crucial.

With a well-planned customer engagement plan, you can leverage the communication with a lead as a chance to ultimately turn them into loyal customers.


What is a Customer Engagement Strategy?

A customer engagement strategy is a plan of action which organizes all the interactions and activities with customers to create a smooth and user-friendly consumer experience throughout their buying journey.

The procedure takes all the communication channels, both online and offline into consideration to create a strong customer-business relationship and improve their satisfaction level in order to retain them for long.


Best 6 Strategies to Increase Customer Engagement

Here are the top techniques to elevate your customer engagement:


1- Build Customer Loyalty Programs

A customer loyalty program is an arrangement where you offer your customers rewards and benefits as incentives for the purchases they made and interactions they had with your business to encourage them for frequent purchases and boost brand loyalty.

Building customer loyalty programs and using social proofs are one of the most effective methods to improve your customer engagement rate. Some ideas to build a loyal customer base are early access, invites for events, discounts codes and reward points.


2- Brush Up Social Media Strategy

Social media platforms are an essential part of people’s day to day life now. Leveraging these platforms to increase customer interaction rate can prove to be a boon for your business.

As an active and engaging business account it becomes extremely important for you to respond to audiences’ comments and queries timely to keep up with your engagement rate. Avoid taking only positive comments to respond but also take the negative ones as they can prove a bad engagement to be a good one.

It is also crucial to post entertaining and relevant photos,videos and stories on your social media regularly to keep your followers and prospective leads engaged.

Also, you can conduct polls and social media contests to capture your followers’ attention and let them participate actively with your brand.

As a business, using a great social media strategy will benefit you in both ways i.e., creating interpersonal relationships with buyers as well as promoting your brand worldwide.


3- Implement AI Chatbot

AI chatbots are automated applications that pop up on your website and social media channels to provide customer service by answering consumers’ queries and questions. They can mimic the tone of a human conversation and respond the same way as a customer care executive.

Using artificial intelligence chatbots will help you create a 24×7 response rate whenever your customer care executives are busy and also give your consumers a personalized experience by targeting them with apt messages and help them make better buying decisions, thereby improving customer engagement rate and experience. For example, AVRillo conveyancers have chatbots implemented on their website for faster customer interaction.


4- Use Push Notifications

Push notifications are clickable automated messages that you receive via applications and websites irrespective of whether the device it’s sent on is in active usage or not.

As a business in need to grow customer engagement rate, it’s important to note the importance of these push notifications. Any new content, product or brand update can be delivered to the customers alerting them about the same just by a simple click.

You can schedule these alerts and theme them according to ongoing trends, happenings and occasions. Remember to keep these notifications interactive and full of unique content so that users are tempted to click on the link that redirects to your business website or app.

Make sure your push notifications are timely and relevant to the user’s context. For example, you can send a notification about a flash sale just before it begins or a reminder for an upcoming event a day in advance.

Take the time zones of your users into account. If they’re spread across different regions, schedule your push notifications to align with their local time as much as possible.

For instance, avoid sending push notifications during late-night hours or early morning when users may be sleeping or less likely to engage with your app. Respect users’ privacy and ensure that notifications are delivered at appropriate times.

It’s also important to conduct A/B testing to evaluate the effectiveness of push notifications at different times. Try out different time slots and measure the open rates, click-through rates, and overall user engagement to identify the optimal timing for your specific audience.


5- Collect Customer Feedback and Reviews

Listening to your customers’ concerns, queries and comments is an essential part of a consumer-centric business. It is a brilliant way to keep your consumers engaged with your brand and improve your product and services by paying details to their reviews.

It is essential to acknowledge what your customers say for your brand as it opens the door to know your customer better and plan your marketing strategies in a way that makes your consumers happy.

Timely and valuable responses and solutions to the feedback of the customers help in retaining them, build a loyal customer base for your brand and create trust among the audience.

Genuine customer feedback helps you identify loopholes in your business and rectify them for better user experience.

Make sure to make the ‘comment and feedback section’ is easily available for your customers for better reach and engagement.

Using an email to ticket system to collect customer feedback and reviews is a great idea. It lets you gather valuable insights you can use to improve your products or services. With the right one in your organization, you can convert incoming emails into tickets to organize and manage customer inquiries, feedback, and reviews effectively.

Based on the feedback and reviews received, you can take necessary actions to address any issues or areas for improvement. This way, you can respond to customers promptly, thanking them for their input and informing them of your steps to address their concerns.


6- Involve Customer in Social Causes

Supporting a social cause and involving your customer in it can work wonders for customer engagement as well as fulfill your social responsibility.

Customers are delighted to know that a part of their purchase is going for a social cause and hence they are expected to actively participate in your brand events that conveys and supports a strong social message.

You can create both online and offline interactive events that allow participation of customers. Top ideas for such social cause events are hosting charity events, keeping a drop box in the office for disabled people, and conducting online social cause contests and polls.

You can dedicate a team to monitor your company’s success in managing the social cause and customer engagement.


Final Thoughts

As a brand, your focus should be customer-centric and your business strategies should revolve around the same. You should be clear who your targeted audiences are and you should focus on satisfying and retaining them for future purchases.

There are plenty of options available to engage your customers with your brand. I have curated the top 6 strategies to improve your customer engagement rate. You should implement them in your business to increase your reach and loyal customer base.

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