How Augmented Reality Furniture “Try-Ons” Can Improve Online Sales

The last decade or so has seen consumer behavior change dramatically. Businesses have been playing catch-up all along, and I don’t think they have a choice. The modern furniture shopper will smoothly go online and search for providers for comparison. They can initiate the sale from any point including social media and mobile apps, as is already evident with augmented reality for furniture shopping.

So, with as much as 87% of buyers starting their search for a product online, any strategy that can improve online sales would make sense for any business. Augmented reality (AR) has so many options for the furniture business. In this article, we’ll look at the “try-on” concept and how it can help improve sales.


What is a try-on?

Offering the offline experience to the online world is one of the most exciting capabilities of AR. Try-ons have revolutionized the shopping experience, bringing unrivalled clarity through a merger of the digital and physical worlds.

A try-on simply allows users to try-on items in the digital space. For instance, users browsing furniture products are prompted through their phone app to try a furniture product in their preferred space. With this AR feature, one can adjust the item for the best visualization of how the real one will look.

As long as the customer has a camera-equipped gadget that can access the internet, they can use the AR try-on feature.

Now, the big question is, how can this augmented reality shopping feature improve sales?


A Try-On Is Engaging to the Customer

Most furniture shoppers have the experience of ordering a wonderful-looking item online only to be disappointed when it is delivered – the color and shape fail to match what is on the site. Probably that’s why most shoppers have faith in AR to improve their shopping experiences.

The try-on concept is a timely solution that is being widely embraced by retailers all over the world. Interaction with the product is the main thing here, but there are other features such as asking for advice and sharing images.

In place of the classic static images, try-ons elevate customer engagement, making the whole exercise enjoyable and fulfilling. Even the latent clients are not left behind, proving how powerful engagement capability is in increasing sales for a business.


Confidence in the Customer Means Higher Sales

Initially, the selling point for online shopping was money and time savings. But something was missing – the level of confidence when shopping was low for some items.

Not even virtual photography would feed the urge to know that a product was exactly what one wanted to buy. Take new eyeglasses, for example. Buying them is a complex process that needs to be highly personalized. Oakley and other companies have realized this and adopted the try-on method to serve the needs of the customers. You will find a similar approach at Warby Parker.

Once there is a customer confidence boost of seeing how an item will fit on them or in the house, the chances of conversion and sales elevate.


Social Media Sales Too

Sometimes the online sales process will take place through social media from start to finish. Since many customers are on social media, meeting them where they are is a necessity for improved online sales. But this doesn’t stop finding customers.

That’s why social media sites have been rolling out AR-enhanced features. A good example is the Instagram try-on app that is being used for make-up products from Lancome and others. Shoppers no longer have to guess how their lips will look with a certain lipstick. They don’t have to leave their social media accounts to do this. So in this respect, AR try-ons are improving sales for the brands.


Ready to start using try-ons?

It is increasingly crucial to give online shoppers the ability to choose the exact version of the furniture they want. With the current trend of complementing in-store shopping with online approaches, furniture businesses are getting more interested in try-ons as part of the AR strategy to increase sales.

Armed with smartphones and with access to quality network, customers have every reason to expect their furniture provider to have an AR platform with a try-on feature. Have made this step today? Enjoy more sales with AR.

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