WordPress FAQ plugin v1.4.2

We are very glad to announce that an update of the WordPress FAQ plugin is here! Working on and testing the new version of the WordPress FAQ plugin has been great fun and it is nothing but a pleasure to make it public.

This release includes many new features that our FAQ plugin users have been asking for so we hope that you like it. You can read the release notes for a more detailed overview of the changes that were made to the plugin before I tell you more about some of the new features. I won’t mention all new features here so check the release notes and also install the update.

New Feature Highlights

User email notification on answer

You can turn on the capturing of email address in the configuration of the plugin and as a result your users/visitors will be required to fill in an email address when asking a question.

When a question is asked by a user and you go to answer the question, you can select the ‘Notify User’ radio button and the user will be automatically notified after you’ve saved the question with its answer.

Custom CSS

Using the Custom CSS feature in the configuration of the FAQ plugin is the quickest and easiest way to modify the look and feel of your FAQ, starting out with the default stylesheet.

The Custom CSS is saved to the database and you don’t need to modify any of the plugin files. When you upgrade the plugin to a newer version at a later stage, the Custom CSS changes will remain intact.

Related Questions

Assigning related questions is very quick. You can drag and drop related questions to any of your questions with an easy to use interface.

When a question has related questions assigned to it, those related questions will show up at the bottom of the question’s individual WordPress post/page.

Groups Filter

For improved management of your questions, we have added a groups filter in the Questions section.

You just select the group from the drop down menu and the plugin will refresh the page to show the questions belonging to that group only. This is very useful if you have a large database.

Get FAQ plugin v1.4.2 Now!

This WordPress FAQ plugin has a very appealing price tag on it considering what it has to offer. It truly is value for money! Additionally, we are giving you a 15% discount. Simply use the 15OFF coupon code when you are on the 2CheckOut payment gateway and the discount will be applied. With that said, anyone can afford it and no one can afford not to have it!

Existing users of the WordPress FAQ plugin can get the update from their downloads management section (you may need to login first). Please see the installation instructions to upgrade the plugin from an older version. Please note that none of your settings, groups, questions or any data from the old version will be lost. Everything will remain intact!

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