WordPress FAQ plugin v1.4.5

We are very excited to announce that the new WordPress FAQ plugin v1.4.5 is available for download right now!

You can install this version or upgrade to it by downloading from your downloads management section, extracting the ZIP file and then uploading to your wp-content/plugins/ directory. Installation/upgrade instructions can be found in our documentation.

You can view the detailed release notes before I tell you about some of the highlights of this new release.

New Feature Highlights

There are awesome new features in v1.4.5 of the WordPress FAQ plugin, here are a few of them:

WordPress post categories for Questions and Groups

You now have the ability to categorize both questions and question groups into your existing WordPress post categories.

When you save a question or a group in the WordPress FAQ plugin and you choose “Post” for the WordPress Post/Page setting, it will display the available WordPress post categories to choose from. The post which is created for the question or the group will then be categorized under these WordPress post categories.

Sidebar widget to display questions

You can now display approved questions from the WordPress FAQ plugin in your sidebar as a sidebar widget.

The widget has settings which allow you to choose the number of questions to display and you can then choose the ordering field and the ordering direction as well.

Please note that this widget will only display questions which have a WordPress post/page assigned to it since it needs to be able to link to the post/page from the sidebar.

Theme folder capability

The theme folder setting in the WordPress FAQ plugin can be found under FAQs > Configuration > Theme & Custom CSS where you can choose the theme folder to use for the front-end template files. It can also optionally load a stylesheet inside the theme folder.

This feature gives you the flexibility of making a copy of the “default” folder of the plugin, rename it to your own preferred name and make changes to the template files/layouts without losing these changes the next time you upgrade the plugin.

Read more link text for question excerpts

With the ‘Show Excerpts‘ setting turned on in the Configuration of the plugin, each answer of a question will show an excerpt with a “read more” link if the question has a post/page assigned to it.

This setting will simply specify the text/caption to use for this “read more” link on the front-end of your site. By leaving this setting empty, the plugin will inherit the default “read more” link text of the WordPress theme which you are using.

Collapsing sliding accordion

The purpose of a sliding accordion is to “fold” and close all other items in the list as a new one is opened. With the ‘Collapsible Questions‘ setting enabled, the answer of a question is opened as the question is clicked – closing all other questions – and it will close the answer again when the question is clicked a second time.

WordPress the_content filter for answers

WordPress has a well-known and popular filter in it’s API called the_content filter through which the content of posts/pages are parsed before outputting the content on the site.

By enabling this ‘Apply the_content Filter‘ setting, all the answers of FAQ questions will be parsed through this filter, allowing 3rd party plugins like code highlighters, link parsers, etc. to filter the answer of each question accordingly.

Get the FAQ plugin v1.4.5 now!

Get the WordPress FAQ plugin v1.4.5 while it is still fresh!

New FAQ plugin Customers

If you haven’t purchased a license for the WordPress FAQ plugin you can get it from our site. The plugin is feature-rich and very useful at an affordable price.

Included with your license is 3 months free access to your download and all other versions released within that period. Please note that your installed version and serial key will never expire, only the download in your account expires and it can be renewed for as little as US$5.

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Existing FAQ plugin Customers

In case you already purchased a license for the WordPress FAQ plugin you can get the latest version from your downloads management section right now! If your download expired, you can renew it for 3, 6, 12 or 24 months at a reasonable fee.

You can use the coupon code “2011” (without quotes) to get 10% off your order today!

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