12 content upgrades you can make in minutes

If you are running a blog or a website, one thing which you must be aware of is that a mere piece of only textual content might not be able to help you in reaching the mass audiences. With the growing number of online resources, people are always in search of more. So, to keep your audience engaged for the long term it is necessary to upgrade your content.

What is a Content Upgrade?

A content upgrade is by far one of the most effective ways of turning casual traffic into leads or growing your email list at a faster rate. It is usually done by extending the existing piece of content such as blog posts, tutorials or product reviews in different ways to attract more number of people to your website. A content upgrade can also be said as a packaged information which is specifically provided to people who share their email with you by subscribing to your website. However, all this upgrade must be relevant to the content topic and must provide additional and subject-specific information to your readers.

How Content Upgrades Can Help You?

Through content upgrades, you can tell your audience that you care for them and can regularly provide them the much-needed information in their niche areas. As content upgrades are mostly done to turn casual traffic into genuine leads, it is important to add a Call to Action button where you can ask your audience to subscribe to your blog updates, opt-in for further product details or share your post on social media. Depending on your type of content, a specific Call to Action button will help you in hooking more email subscribers and thanks to their ability to hook in more email subscribers.

As it takes on a couple of minutes to upgrade your content, we have compiled a list of 12 content upgrade ideas which will help you in taking a few more steps in making your online journey successful.

1. Printable Version

One of the most important content upgrade idea is to provide your audience with a printable version of your information. This will come handy to those who wish to take a printout of your content and refer it later by either adding it to their diary or pinning it on a noticeboard. Readers often take print outs of step by step recipes, tutorials, inspiring images, diagrams, motivational quotes, etc. to add to their personal collection. So always ensure that your content is in the printable format.

2. Infographics

Although people enjoy reading good quality textual content, adding some infographics to your content will make it more visually appealing and easy to understand. Well-designed infographics are not only attractive but also makes the entire process of consuming information enjoyable. Also, using infographics to explain your points will help readers in remembering the information.

3. Step by Step Instructions

While composing any content for your audience, it is important to make it informative and useful. Adding step by step instructions to your content will definitely catch your reader’s attention. These instructions will also make your blog a complete guide and readers will spend more time reading your blog. Once you have written the complete step by step guide, just add its summary to your blog and ask people to subscribe to your blog to receive a printable format of the entire step by step guide.

4. Video Tutorial

Videos work out best for people who feel lazy to read long tutorials. As most of the people prefer visual learning, adding video tutorials to your content can help you in drawing the attention of audiences who are more interested in learning through videos. Adding a video to your written content will not only make it comprehensive but also easy to understand. So whether you are running a recipe blog or a how to blog, just add a video to your content and see the magic.

5. Checklist

People usually create checklists to keep a note of important things before an event. You can make this task for your audience easy by offering them a customised checklist in addition to your blog. For example, if have written a blog post on travelling, then you can add a checklist of all travel essential items required while travelling. These checklists will make sure that your readers do not overlook anything before executing the ideas provided in your blog.

6. Cheat Sheet

Depending on the niche of your blog post, a cheat sheet can be used as a simple content upgrade. For example, if you are writing a blog post which will explain the different tags in HTML, then you can create a cheat sheet of all the available HTML tags on a single page and how they can be used. As topics covered in lengthy details can at times be too much for casual readers to understand, a cheat sheet will ensure that all the important details are covered in points and can be easy to grasp.

7. List of Resources

If you mention any information or tools from primary sources in your content, then adding a list of these can work as a content upgrade. All you will have to do is, create a list of all the relevant resources and tools used in your content along with their links so that your readers will not have search for this information on their own.

8. Email Series

If you are blogging about something which cannot be fully covered in a single blog, then starting a series of emails with content specifically designed to educate, inspire or entertain your audience is one of the best ways to upgrade your content. For example, if you are writing a fitness blog, then with your emails you can educate your audience in a period of 7 days where your readers will receive daily updates through emails.

9. Conduct Webinars

As we mentioned earlier, people learn quickly from videos. While not everyone can be a pro in making videos, conducting webinar is comparatively easier than making videos. Webinars give bloggers an opportunity to offer comprehensive information to their audience and also establish a personal connection.

10. Transcriptions

Transcriptions come to great help for people who missed out any important point in an audio or video recording. So, if you are offering audio or video recordings to your audience, then make sure to add a PDF transcription of your content. By doing this your audience will not have to take any extra notes from your recordings and will not have to pause or go back to hear the missed part.

11. Free Trial

If you are selling an online course, then there will be a time where not all the people would like to pay for the course without getting an insight into your teachings. Offering a free trial for people will help them decide whether they should pay for the entire course. It is also a great way to attract and inspire new audience and to turn random visitors into actual customers.

12. Bonus Content

Bonus content is a special section where you cover the entire topic in the smallest detail. Adding a bonus content to your existing content is one of the simplest and efficient ways to fascinate your audience. Either you can put a little content from your original content to the bonus section or ask your readers to subscribe to your blog to gain access to complete additional information on the same topic.

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