2008 concluded with a bang!

First off, happy new year to all Tribulant customers! I honestly hope that you had a good vacation and that you revitalized while preparing yourself for the new year lying ahead of you. The festive season always imprints memorable moments that we receive and ply to our advantage in the future.

I’m feeling psyched about 2009 and hope that you are as well! For myself and Tribulant Software, business always seems to slack off a bit over the holiday periods though the quick rise gives you that extra boost you need to take the following steps.

Well Deserved Credits for 2008

I have met up with some great friends and business partners throughout the past year which made day to day work a much more knowledgeable experience. I would like to thank a few people on here whom helped me to make Tribulant grow to what it has become today. Not only have they contributed towards growth and prosperity but they provided great encouragement towards future developments. Two business partners include Jeremy Sherman and Jeremiah Banister.

Jeremy has contributed towards and invested in the WordPress shopping cart plugin which has already become something worthwhile with only two additional releases since its initial release date. Thanks Jeremy for all your help and advice throughout our journey!

Jeremiah (aka Jay) had a gigantic amount of enthusiasm for the WordPress banner rotator plugin and figured that it would be best if he steered the boat towards something more flexible and robust. We rapidly developed and pushed out a new release which became v2.3.8. People have been making suggestions and there is a list of things which is currently being worked on. Paid, automated ads is an upcoming feature which will help to coin you some along the way.

Another person is John Evans. Call it an e-Commerce overhaul because what John Evans and I did with the WordPress shopping cart plugin was drastic. Mostly small additions, fixes and improvements throughout the software but it surely made a huge difference. Working with John throughout the last months of 2008 has been a major challenge yet a constructive participation. I remember some of the late nights when we simply geeked out on stacks and stacks of code.

I would like to thank Scott Frangos for being a good friend and always providing a clear visual on the business side of things. Never underestimate or doubt a comment given by Scott. It might just be true… which is mostly the case anyways. Thanks for all your help and side projects you have been pushing my way. Hopefully we’ll get to tackle some business opportunities together and raise the bar a level higher.

Last but not least, Marlon Haniff for helping with the Buy Now feature of the shopping cart plugin. Truly a powerful feature which was released recently with v1.2.4 of the WordPress shopping cart plugin which allows your customers to purchase products without having to go through the complete checkout procedure. Thanks Marlon! I liked the ideas that you emailed to me. There is much to be done!

If I didn’t mention your name, you know who you are! I was going through some contacts to thank people for their support through the year but there are way too many to name on here. Please know that you are all recognized and greatly appreciated!

Blissfull 2008 Statistics

Working in the business and marketing field has taught me to be patient, confident and thorough with everything that is executed. There is email marketing, search engine marketing, direct marketing which includes sales support and more. The ins and outs of business often confuses me a bit but it has been an amazing learning curve.

Search engine rankings have picked up drastically. Targeting a keyword or phrase isn’t as easy as it might seem. Pushing your page to the top of a search engine ranking page such as on Google, Yahoo, MSN and others require some effort but as a result makes a big difference in your sales conversions. Phrases such as WordPress Mailing List Plugin, WordPress Banner Rotator, WordPress Shopping Cart, WordPress FAQ plugin and others have helped to increase the traffic being driven to Tribulant on a daily basis. I will continue to push the necessary terms to the top of the results to ensure that potential customers are aware of Tribulant Software and its robust software packages. Overall, it is looking good and the result of some SEO work has been perfectly satisfactory.

I have calculated some percentages for you to see how Tribulant Software has grown in 2008 in comparison to the previous year, 2007. The chart below shows percentage values with the blue being the percentage of 2007 based on a 100% ratio for its totals. The yellow illustrates the growth in 2008 over 2007 in percentage. Additionally, the red shows the projected growth for 2009 in percentage over the first year, 2007.


That’ll give you a good understanding of what has been going on. The number of new user accounts registered, the total number of visits/hits on the website, the total number of page views on the site and the number of new licenses sold throughout the year is shown. As you can see, the growth from 2007 to 2008 has been drastic with an increase of over 400% in some areas of the business statistics. Projections for 2009 might not be accurate since they are simply calculated based on and considering the growth between the first two years shown in the chart.

Upcoming Website Improvements

I started writing a blog post on this topic and will publish it soon with more details on the things that will be done to the site so that you guys can comment if you feel that you have any constructive suggestions. For now, I’ll give you a summary of some ideas that came to mind.

Download Older Versions

With the transition to WordPress 2.7 on some of the WordPress plugins, it became essential that multiple versions of a software package is provided to users so that they can download older releases if needed. This will be developed into the downloads management section.

Extended Updates Licenses

Customers currently update their software every 3 months to keep their downloads active. The ability to choose a period to pay for upfront will be developed. In other words, when you go to pay update costs for a software package, you can specify 3, 6, 9, 12 months accordingly. Discounted prices will be provided for longer periods.

Bundled Promotions

This is rather related to the business side of things but new products will be available on the site. These products will be bundled packages which will consist of one or more of our software packages and other additions to it such as labor for integration, hosting packages, etc. I spoke to some business partners whom are very interested in approaching new clients and reselling these packages to them and redistribute the labor back to Tribulant Software.

New Tribulant Employee

I have been fiddling with the idea of getting a full-time accountant and assistant to help steer Tribulant Software in the right direction. I will be meeting with a potential, qualified candidate during this week to discuss some aspects of the business and see if she is up for it.

Once this has been finalized and the wheel gets rolling, I’ll post more information on the blog about this new employee and add her biography on the About page here on the site. I’m excited about getting another person involved in this rapidly growing business.

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  1. Johnathan on January 25, 2009

    Thanks for your Kick ass plugins Dude(s).
    I Tried getting ahold of you on Skype for some intergration questions for a couple of your plugins.


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