New Support Forums


We are very excited that our new support forums have been launched. Check it out!

Purpose of Our Forums

Our support forums aka our community forums is one of our support channels which our customers can use to get answers, share ideas and even report issues.

We also have our live support, support help desk and other social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, etc. but the forums are unique since they are community orientated.

The entire Tribulant Software community can discuss topics so feel free to get involved and to comment on other discussions. If you can help someone or cast an opinion. It’ll be great to have you on the forums, you’re welcome!

Check It Out

New Feature Highlights

Here are some of the improvements, we hope you like it and that it will encourage you to use the forums.

Completely Redesigned Interface

A fresh new design that fits in with the rest of the Tribulant Software website.

It is also fully responsive to different devices. You can now literally manage your discussions on your tablet or mobile phone just as on any other device and just as the rest of our site.

The lightweight design will load fast and navigate easily as well, enjoy it!

User-Friendly Registration and Log In

You can easily register or log in via email, Facebook or Twitter.

The quickest way to register is with Facebook or Twitter. It is fully automated and you just need to approve the connection. You’ll then use the same method to login again in the future.

If you register via email, it is also quick but you’ll receive an email to confirm your registration accordingly.

Great New WYSIWYG Editor

The new WYSIWYG editor makes it easy to create discussions and comment on them.

You can insert formatting, styling, headings, images, links and much more.

Enjoy the ease of use and get posting!

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