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I’m always extremely excited when posting about new features and software ideas. Some of the Tribulant plugins have come a long way and evolved into powerful, essential tools to many of you. Yet, all the packages have the potential of going a few steps further and reaching a new level.

Right now, I’m announcing the availability of a very useful feature when you use our banner rotator plugin and newsletter plugin together. With the conjunction of our WordPress Newsletters Plugin and WordPress Banner Rotator Plugin you can send out newsletters to your subscribers and embed banner ads inside of these newsletters in order to earn some extra revenue for your business through advertising.

How does it work? Simply install both of the plugins mentioned together on the same WordPress site/installation. There are no additional steps you need to follow to make this feature work. All that is needed is to write your newsletters in the mailing list plugin as you usually would and then follow the post/page embedding method of the banner rotator plugin to insert the appropriate code/string where you want the banner ads to appear inside your newsletters.

I created a step-by-step tutorial video which walks you through the process of embedding banner ads inside a newsletter and send it out. The video is embedded below though if you cannot see it due to restrictions in your e- or webmail client, please view the embedding banner ads inside newsletters video in our documentation.

Enjoy using these two plugins together and feel free to contact us if you have any questions, queries or requests regarding these products or any of the other products on our site. We wish you loads of revenue through publishing ads in your newsletters!

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