Newsletters – Drag & Drop on the Way!

drag and drop newsletters

Drag and drop newsletters will be released soon!

Drag and Drop Newsletters

We have been working on a drag and drop newsletter builder for the WordPress Newsletter plugin.

When Will it be Available?

Very soon! The system is coming along very well and is very feature rich.

You will be able to see your newsletter visually in front of you and manage it inside the drag and drop interface.

The newsletter builder is still in development and will be released in the near future to the public. Stay tuned!

Drag and Drop Newsletters Builder Features

The drag and drop newsletter builder is full-featured and contains all the tools you need to easily create beautiful newsletters.

Here are some of the features included:

  • Drag and drop elements from the panel onto the canvas.
  • Edit and move existing elements on the canvas.
  • Preview newsletter for desktop, tablet and mobile while designing.
  • Undo and redo changes as you work on it.
  • Full screen mode for distraction free design.
  • Import and export a newsletter template as needed.
  • Insert columns, dividers, buttons, images, links, quotes and much more.
  • View the full element tree of the newsletter
  • Change class names, dimensions, typography and decorations per element.
  • And more…

The set of features included in the newsletter builder will blow you away!

Technical Styling

Technical users can easily adjust styling as needed.

Everything is visual though it does include settings to change more technical aspects of elements if needed. For example setting class names on elements, adjusting dimensions, changing typography and much more.

With that said, you can also switch back to the normal WYSIWYG editor at any time to edit HTML as needed.

Beautiful Newsletter Templates

Professional newsletter templates that are fully responsive for desktop, tablet, and mobile. They are 100% cross-client compatible.

See Them
  1. Nik Cree on July 7, 2017

    This will be very cool and make it so much easier for people to use simply. Great innovation and I am looking forward to it.


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