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A fantastic extension for the WordPress Newsletter plugin! The new Formidable Subscribers extension has been built using the recently added hooks and functions in the Newsletter plugin. It offers the ability to to turn your Formidable form into a subscribe form for the Newsletter plugin.

How does it work?

When setting up a form in the Formidable plugin there is a new drag and drop field available. This field is titled “Newsletters” and when dragged into your form instantly adds a subscribe checkbox. The field options available for this allow you to map the custom fields accordingly and configure the behaviour of the checkbox.

As your users browse your site and fill in a Formidable form the subscribe checkbox will appear on the form as you configured it and if ticked/checked upon the submission of the form, the user will be subscribed as a WordPress Newsletter plugin subscriber accordingly.

Get the Formidable Subscribers extension plugin

The Formidable Subscribers is an extension plugin for the WordPress Newsletter plugin. It is installed as an additional plugin to add the Formidable forms functionality to your existing Formidable installation.

Purchase this useful extension for only US$15 for a single domain license and US$75 for an unlimited domains license. You can use the coupon code “2012” (without the quotes) for 10% OFF your purchase. Additionally, the support, upgrades and access to your download is infinite so you don’t need to renew or pay any recurring fees on this.

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  1. robert on July 18, 2012

    Will this plugin work well with the combination of newsletter plugin (yours) and GravityForm?


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