Newsletters plugin v3.7.8 bug fix


As many of you may know we have been working on releasing premade themes for the Newsletter. This functionality was added to version 3.7.8 which was released last week.

For clients who purchased version 3.7.8 or did a clean install will notice that the premade themes which we announced were not added to the Newsletters > Themes section as expected. The themes only loaded for users who upgraded their Newsletters plugin from a previous version. So those who simply upgraded the plugin from a previous version can ignore this announcement, please.

This has now been fixed so will all customers who have recently downloaded version 3.7.8  please take note of the following and download the latest version. A new build of v3.7.8 has been uploaded to the Tribulant Software downloads section so please obtain it immediately.

  • It will automatically add the themes to new installations of this new build of the plugin now but not to new installations which were done with v3.7.8 during last week. If you already did a new install of v3.7.8 somewhere and noticed that the themes didn’t appear, follow the next step.
  • Those who purchased the plugin last week and saw no themes in the Newsletters > Themes should access their site like this where the “” part should be replaced with the WordPress home URL. A message will be displayed “Stock themes have been added.”. Be sure that you are logged in as administrator otherwise a message “Please log in as administrator for stock themes to be loaded” will be displayed. Just run this URL once to add the premade themes.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

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